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Today, the brain functionality is seen as neural network, which became a prototype for many pioneering IT designs. Technologies are represented in the gallery, where Russian and Moscow corporations and holdings showcase their exhibits. To call it a day, a brief retrospective review of ideas and inventions.

Symbiosis of Rostec technologies

Photo: Rostec press office, Symbiosis of Rostec technologies

Rostec State Corporation is the Russia’s largest industrial conglomerate. It unites 800+ R&D institutions and production enterprises in 60 regions across the country. It is involved in 12 national projects. The Corporation have succeeded in establishing links between R&D and manufacturing, developing promising technologies, introducing advanced know-how and promoting rewarding cooperation between Russian enterprises. The export of high-tech products earns the company almost a third of its revenue.

By using the concept of the brain as a neural network, the ‘Symbiosis of Rostec Technologies’ installation showing how technological knowledge emerge, accumulate and combine. Its content is compiled so as to display the Rostec’s flagship products of such industries as aircraft manufacturing, medicine, innovative materials, automotive and weapons, digital technologies and electronics. The exposition comprises five multimedia columns representing the Rostec’s five core activities, and operates in several modes.

In standby mode, if there are no visitors nearby, a splash screen showing abstract images referring to neurotechnological topics is broadcast on all media. In play mode, if a viewer lingers at the installation, interactive surfaces launch a video showing the whole technology implementation path from a neural impulse through the elaboration of a digital prototype to the final product.

In interaction mode, when a visitor approaches one of the five columns, the installation allows activating all surfaces (directions) at once and thus show how technological symbiosis and synergy bring about breakthrough products. Light boxes next to the dynamic surfaces describe the principal R&D lines and present products that have emerged at their intersection. In this knowledge cloud, Rostec acts as a mediator, a facilitator, by connecting the codes of various developments, linking and combining them, like within the human brain.


Official Partner of the Russia Pavilion at Expo 2020 — State Corporation for the Promotion of the Development, Manufacture, and Export of High Tech Products Rostec

Photo: Rostec press office, Symbiosis of Rostec technologies

The Exhibit оf ROSATOM

Photo: Firuz Mirza-Zada, The Exhibit of ROSATOM

Rosatom State Corporation is one of the world’s technological leaders specializing primarily in low-carbon power generation from nuclear energy and renewable energy sources. As a forward- looking company, Rosatom has long expanded its horizons beyond the nuclear industry to devise future-oriented solutions aimed at improving the quality of life for people around the world.

The nuclear industry can be a locomotive power for other industries to grow by placing orders and so ensuring resources for hydrogen energy, mechanical engineering, nuclear medicine, and many others. The applications of nuclear technology are limited by the imagination only.

The main idea of the Rosatom State Corporation exhibit is the continuity of human thought at all stages of the development of civilization and the importance of using scientific and creative achievements of different eras, which, in combination with modern nuclear technologies, pave the way to a green and sustainable future.

The exhibit is an impressive flat LED screen with a centrally-based hemispherical LED screen concealed under a transparent mirror-coated ‘shell’. While passing through the ‘shell’ the light is refracted in its walls, reflected and diffused. This optical effect visually enlarges the hemispherical screen.

Two robotic arms on the sides of the screen symbolize creative and logical constituents. Instead of ‘palms’, robotic hands have cubes of LED screens. Cubes rotate in space in all planes. The choreography of the hands and cubes is complemented by the multimedia content of the sphere and the flat background screen. Any swing of any exposition component causes the image on all surfaces to change.

The smooth elliptical shapes of the screens and the hemisphere are harmonized with the cubic shapes and angular design of the robotic arms. The play of shapes, and the synchronized work of all elements produce a fascinating, mesmerizing effect.


Official Partner of the Russia Pavilion at Expo 2020 — State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom

Photo: Firuz Mirza-Zada, The Exhibit of ROSATOM

Universe of Opportunities

The universe emerged billions of years ago. About 40 thousand years ago, the Nature was the loving mother who nourished and protected our ancestors. It is the Nature that mankind owes the resources which allowed us to build a civilization. We have achieved unprecedented technological progress and are on the verge of the birth of a new universe, the ‘Universe of Opportunities’.

Alisher Usmanov’s USM holding incorporating Metalloinvest, MegaFon, Udokan Copper, Centre for Research in Perspective Technologies, and other businesses, presented the ‘Universe of Opportunities’. The installation employs the LED volumetric light sculpture technique and is operated from a touchscreen. When requested by a user, 60,000 LEDs on transparent strings reproduce 3D images depicting the interaction of business and human with environment, society and science.

Key trends are outlined by the holding companies. Sustainability: manufacturing without damaging nature. Society: elaboration of effective communication systems. Science: innovation for the benefit of humanity.

It took us merely a millennium or two to build a safe and comfortable world. However, while progressing towards new accomplishments, the civilization is running out of natural resources. Since then, the planet’s population has raised a thousand times, with the amount of annually produced garbage having increased a hundred times. The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has doubled. The number of endangered species has soared 114 times. Nature still gives us a lot. Now it is time to become environmentally conscious. Time for green thinking.


Title Partner of the Russia Pavilion at Expo 2020 — Metalloinvest Company

Photo: Firuz Mirza-Zada, Universe of Opportunities

Moscow Expo 2030

Moscow is a candidate city to host Expo 2030 Moscow submitted a bid with the theme: ‘Progress of mankind. Shared vision of a harmonious world’. Its mission is declared as: ‘Directing the international community efforts towards achieving a non-discriminatory and sustainable world where human well-being is inextricably linked to living in harmony with the environment’.

The plasma panel of Moscow Expo 2030 demonstrates the Russian capital as seen by foreigners, with many stereotypes successfully refuted. Using the touch screen, the visitor can select one of the topics about Moscow. Its round shape looks like a window into Moscow, while the transition between topics allows seeing Moscow in all its diversity. The video shows stunning views of Moscow, reveals curious facts and presents key projects. The short films feature tourists who came to the city from various continents.

Thanks to the Moscow’s expositions and extensive cultural agenda, hundreds of thousands of guests from all over the world had an opportunity to discover the Russian capital for themselves and gain an overview of the city’s ongoing progress. The latest enhancements make Moscow a deserving candidate city for hosting Expo 2030 and showcasing the latest achievements of mankind.


Official Partner of the Russia Pavilion at Expo 2020 — Moscow Expo 2030 Bid Committee

Photo: Firuz Mirza-Zada, Moscow Expo 2030

From Russia with Love

Albert Einstein said: ‘God does not play dice.’ The great physicist, who made multiple groundbreaking discoveries, was not immune from mistakes. Ironically, it was under the influence of his ideas and exactly in the branch of knowledge he was skeptical of that a breakthrough occurred. In 1922, Aleksandr Friedman corrected Einstein’s greatest mistake by proving the expansion of the universe.

A Markov chain is a sequence of random events with an even number of outcomes and a vivid example of how an abstract idea affects the development of specific sciences. The Mendeleyev famous periodic table is essentially an explanation of how the world works in terms of chemistry. Aleksander Butlerov was one of the originators of the chemical suggesting that the positions of atoms in a molecule are not random.

Russia has always been famous for its outstanding scientists and discoverers. Boris Golitsyn invented the first electromagnetic seismograph. In the 19th century, Yablochkov candles illuminated all the megacities, from San Francisco to Moscow. The light bulb designed by Aleksandr Lodygin was the first incandescent light bulb with a tungsten filament and appeared before the Edison’s model. Losev invented a unique Crystadine radio receiver. Later the world heard of a telegraph device by Schilling von Cannstatt. Soviet engineer Yuri Denisyuk is considered the founding father of optical holography, and Chikolev is the inventor of the arc lamp.

Lent to the Russia Pavilion by the Polytechnic Museum, 34 concepts, revolutionary for the time being, and 7 objects, some as old as 100 years or more, were displayed within a single ‘From Russia with Love’ exposition. Some were developed into operating devices, some were finalized abroad, but all of them have become internationally recognized achievements of scientific and engineering thought and the pride of Russia.


Partner of the Russia Pavilion at Expo 2020 — Polytechnic Museum

Photo: Firuz Mirza-Zada, From Russia with Love

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